We have listed the most common reasons for this below. Please check the following:

  • The format of the data entered must be exactly as in the example. Pay special attention to the notes in the header.
  • The instructions must be followed exactly, because only then the import with the template will work.
  • For the creation of the CSV file it is mandatory to use our template or Google spreadsheet.
    CSV files created by other applications such as Microsoft Excel or Numbers are not compatible.
  • If you have received a CSV file from another system that cannot be imported, you can import the file with Google spreadsheet to get the original spreadsheet (template). So you can download a compatible CSV file directly from Google Spreadsheet. 
  • The yellow columns M - R should only be filled in if you want to import an existing pass. Otherwise, they must all be left blank.
  • The columns S - U must generally be left blank. These columns are reserved for experts. Instead, book classes after the import manually.
  • The column M in row X is invalid: This error message indicates that the entered value is invalid. If you want to import a pass for a member, you must first create the desired pass in the admin area: Pass settings explained

You can find step-by-step instructions and further assistance here: Import members