Who can use this feature?

  • Administrators and instructors + back office
  • Premium ENTERPRISE / Add-On «Integration with EGYM»
  • https://egym.com/

SportsNow offers you an integration with EGYM. This automatically synchronizes your membership data between EGYM and SportsNow, so you only have to enter your members once. In addition, EGYM membership cards and badges are compatible with SportsNow and can be used for member management and check-ins. Studio check-in/check-out (via SportsNow) is connected to EGYM, so EGYM coaches are notified immediately when a member checks in or out.

Good to know

  • You will receive the «EGYM ID» and the «Access Token» from EGYM.
  • Synchronization: Changes to member data are automatically transmitted to EGYM every hour. This update also includes changes to the contract, for example when a contract is extended.
    Note: The synchronization will only take place if an e-mail address is stored with the member.
  • It can take up to several minutes before the data is visible or updated in EGYM Business.
  • Team members are not transferred to eGym unless they are also registered as a member.

Step-by-step instructions

Connect EGYM and SportsNow

On the web

  • Click in the admin area on «Apps & integrations».
  • Click on «EGYM».
  • Now enter the «EGYM ID» and the «Access Token» and click on «Use EGYM now».
  • Next, you can choose to have all members automatically sync with EGYM or just selected ones.
  • If you have synchronized all members at once, then data transfer is also activated directly for new members. If you've synced only selected members, you'll need to change that.
  • When you are finished, click on «Save settings».

Activate new member/ synchronize members manually

On the web

  • Click in the admin area on «My customers».
  • Click on the desired member «View customer details».
  • Scroll all the way down and click on «Apps».
  • Click on «Activate» to activate the member.
  • You can now synchronize the member with EGYM by clicking on «Action» and then on «Sync now».
  • Here you also have the option to deactivate the member at any time.