You can create livestream-only classes, i.e. without the presence classes in the studio, just like regular classes. If you would like to offer separate livestream passes that are only valid for livestream-only classes, create a separate category for your livestream passes and lessons. More information here: Offer classes via livestream

Step-by-step instructions

Create livestream classes

On the web

  • Create a new category, e.g. «Livestreams» if you want to offer separate passes which are only valid for the livestream-only classes: Category settings explained
  • Create a new lesson in the timetable, assign it to the new category and enter a large number in the «Capacity» field in the class settings, e.g. 1000, so that as many as possible can participate in the livestream.
  • Insert the link to the livestream in the field «Livestream link».
  • Leave the field «Hybrid class: The customer can choose at the time of booking whether he wants to participate on site or via livestream.» empty for pure livestream classes.
  • When you are done, click on «Create class».

Create livestream passes

On the web

  • Create a new pass: Pass settings explained
  • Select the new category «Livestreams» in the pass settings under «Where can this pass be used?».
  • Leave the field «This pass can only be used to book live streams of hybrid classes.» empty, because the livestream-only class was created as a regular class. 
  • When you are done, click on «Create pass».