Who can use this feature?

  • Administrators and instructors + back office
  • Premium BASIC / Add-On «Efficient member management»
  • FREE: The basic settings are already available in FREE

SportsNow gives you the ability to create and edit new passes quickly and easily. Passes are a central part of the booking system. They are needed to book lessons, workshops or appointments. 

In this guide you will learn step-by-step how to create and edit a new pass and which settings are available to you.

Step-by-step instructions

On the web

  • Click in the admin area on «Set up my studio».
  • Click on the progress bar «My passes».
  • Click for a new pass on «Add new pass».
  • To edit an existing pass, click on «Action» - «Edit».
  • As soon as you are finished, click on «Safe Pass».

All fields and settings explained:

  • Name: Enter the name of the pass here.
  • Description, scope & conditions: Enter details about the pass here (e.g. what the pass can be used for).
  • Pass price: Determine how much the pass costs.
  • Currency: Set the currency in which the price is given.
  • VAT%: Individual VAT rates can be selected for the individual passes. This makes it possible to adjust the prices of the individual passes according to their VAT rates.
  • Exempt from VAT: Here you can select which VAT should apply to the passes. Note the defined validity period of the individual VAT%, which you can set individually. You can find the instructions here: Set up VAT.
  • Period of validity: How long is the pass valid for? Enter a number here.
  • Unit: Indicate which unit belongs to the previously mentioned number (e.g. days or weeks).
  • Use fixed expiration date: Define a fixed expiration date when the pass should end, regardless of when it was purchased and how long the validity period is set.
  • Number of bookings: Determine how often this pass can be used. If the pass can be used indefinitely, you can check the box «Unlimited number of bookings».
  • Where can this pass be used?: Determine the category (s) for which this pass is valid. 
  • Catch up possibilities for missed classes: Here you can define the categories where this pass can be used for catching up. If a booking is cancelled, the classes of these categories will be available to be booked with the refunded credit.
  • The pass ends with the booked course (classes with end date):Determine whether the pass ends with the booked course.
    • The price of the pass is automatically adjusted when the validity period is shortened.: If a pass is purchased after a course has already started, the price will be automatically adjusted to the remaining validity period. Read more here: Automatic price adjustment
  • This pass will be renewed automatically after its expiration:Does the pass automatically renew after it expires?
    • This pass also renews automatically when the credit balance is used up and no more bookings are open: You can also define whether the pass should be automatically extended before the original period of validity expires if the credit balance has already been used up. The prerequisite for this is that the setting «This pass will be renewed automatically after its expiration» is activated.
    • Automatically transfer unused credit from the old pass to the new pass. : If not all the credit has been used by the end of the validity period, the outstanding credit is transferred to the new pass.
    • For more important information on how to set up auto-renewal, click here: Set up automatic pass renewal
  • The period of validity remains fixed and will not be extended by the company holidays: If you check this box, company holidays do not affect this pass.
  • This pass is paid in installments: SportsNow offers you the possibility to set up an installment plan for your passes. An installment payment gives your members flexibility when paying for a pass. You can set up payment by installments for each pass individually. When you purchase a pass, the system automatically creates as many invoices as there are installments to pay. SportsNow will automatically send the installments to the customer every month.
    For example: If you pay with 12 installments, SportsNow will create 12 invoices.
    Important: The Premium MAX PRO or the Add-On «Payment by installments must be activated in order to create the invoice with installments. Installments cannot be created on already issued invoices.
  • Trial pass - This pass can only be purchased once per customer: A member can only buy this pass once (for example for a trial training).
  • This pass can only be sold by the studio. Members cannot buy this pass themselves: Determine whether the pass is public. This last setting is used, for example, if you have a special pass for selected members. However, you can and only want to assign this pass to these selected members and therefore not all members should be able to buy this pass.
  • Excluded payment methods: Set that the pass can only be paid for with a certain payment method (e.g. only by invoice / transfer).
  • Basic pass required: This option requires the customer to have a specific basic pass before they can purchase this pass.
  • Hybrid pass - This pass can only be used to book live streams of hybrid classes: If set, the pass can only be used for participation of hybrid classes via live stream.
  • Limitation: Limit the number of bookings that can be made with this pass during a certain period. The limitation restricts the members when they book an hour themselves. If the administrator books the hours for his members, he can override this limitation.
  • Flexible pass: SportsNow offers you the possibility to create flexible passes. This allows your members to subscribe individually for their desired lessons, although by default the class is set so that the customer is automatically pre-registered for all lessons when booking (booking mode «Customer books all lessons at once»). You can find more information about the use case here: Class with fixed places

  • This pass can be used for check-in: If you use a check-in in your studio, you can define here whether check-in is possible with this pass. This means that when a member checks in, SportsNow will check if the member has a valid pass. If this option is enabled in the pass, the member can check in successfully.
    Note: If the Gantner integration is used, the pass must also be added to the respective time profiles. To do this, click on «Apps & Integrations» - «Gantner»  and add the pass to the respective time profiles.

  • A credit is to be deducted at check-in: Here you can set that a credit is automatically deducted at each check-in with this pass.
  • Enable drinks access: Here you can set whether this pass allows you to purchase drinks from vending machines.
  • At which connected locations can this pass also be used for check-in?: Specify whether this pass can also be used at other locations. For example, if you have a studio in Bern and Zurich, you can specify that someone with this pass can train in both Zurich and Bern.